AMVCA 2018 - Bambam And The Controversial Feather Dress

Okay! Let's talk about BamBam's dress to the AMVCA.

Let me start with the fact that I love it to pieces!😍 Yes I do.
As much as I think Cee C and Khloe's dresses were Boomshakalaka! I still love BamBam's dress.

I think Nigerians just saw feathers and started thinking about chickens and eggs. Well, do I blame us? No. There's hunger in the land and someone is wearing food. Why won't we be angry?🙄
If the AMVCA was the MET gala and the theme were "Animals with feathers", Bambam would have beaten the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce to clinch the best dressed title!
Enough of the jokes though. I commend the creativity that was put into that dress. Do you know many days it may have taken for the designer(s) to put it in those feathers to make such a dress? And everyone knows how delicate feathers are.
It takes a great deal of patience and creativity to pull off something like that. That innovation itself is very edgy to me. That alone deserves an ovation.

No dress was more talked about on the social media and the press than that dress. Do you know what it means for a design to stir up conversations?
It means it was noticed!
And worthy enough for all of us to talk about! Good press, bad press, all is good publicity. For publicity, that dress took the trophy.
I recall a lady on Facebook asking who the lady on the feather dress was. She didn't know who Bambam is. That dress caused her to ask and I know it caused many more. Now some people know who Bambam is. Talk about widening your fame horizon.
The designers thought outside the box and BamBam's courage slayed it! It takes a certain amount of courage to wear a dress that would spark up conversations.

Once again, I commend Bambam and her designing team.
From now on, everyone will always keep an eye on Bambam on every red carpet. What is Bambam wearing today, what will she wear tomorrow. Baby girl is now in the eye of the media, both social and press.
I'd say, she has cemented her red carpet fame with that dress.

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