Throwback Song: Baby Girl By Oliver Nel

 Do you ever get goosebumps by listening to a song or by watching something? 

Well, I got goosebumps by just listening to this song. It's not the first time it has happened. I get goosebumps whenever a song touches my heart. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a softie sometimes. Just sometimes.

This time, I was listening to Baby Girl by Nel Oliver. Oliver Nel is a very creative musician from the Republic of Benin, West Africa. He was very popular in the 90's with his brand of music he tagged as 'Afro-Akpala Funk'. He is noted to be the first black African to open a recording studio in Paris.

Baby Girl is a beautifully written song and it is a classic for all ages. Four different languages were employed over the course of the song; English, French, Yoruba and Egun languages. I believe the combination of these languages plus its powerful lyrics are the unique things that make it a masterpiece.

Baby Girl is a melodious tune that focuses on the deep affection a father has for his daughter that reflects the happiness that she is getting married but also the pain  that his little girl is leaving him. The depiction of tradition, love and prayers of a father to his daughter as she finds her new home is spot on and very emotional.

As I envisioned how I would feel when I'm giving my daughter out to the person of her choice, I felt a lump on my throat in an instant. She has not even been conceived yet and I'm already having a lump in my throat. What would happen when it gets to that time. Imagine giving, no, entrusting my precious jewel to a total stranger to love, cherish and protect her.

I don't even wanna think about it right now. I don't think I'd ever be ready. Maybe most Fathers are never ready for it, they just take one step at a time.

 Watch: Nel Oliver - Baby Girl

PS: If you don't know Baby Girl by Nel Oliver, I'm not ya mate!😑🙄

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