Read This Before You Start Lifting Weights For Fitness - Personal Story
You don't need to break your bones to certify you have lifted weights.

I always emphasize on this. Don't bite more that you can chew. Don't carry what may injure you in the long run. As much as you want to lose weight and keep fit, don't stretch the body till it damages especially when it comes to weight lifting.

I have been at that point where I pushed myself past the limit and I ended up damaging my shoulder.

Here's my story.

At some point in my life, I had never been to the gym before, even though I may have fantasized about it but I've never been to the doorstep. I always stick to running, jogging and core exercises.

As a sensible Nigerian, was I not just supposed to stick to the ones I knew? Right? No! This human called Duke(me) thought it was an excellent idea to start lifting weights I was not equipped to lift. The idea was to tone my pectoral muscles within the shortest time possible.

Fortunately for me, I didn't need to subscribe to a gym. Someone in my compound had crafted a local barbell and dumbbell with a bench for working out, just right here in my compound. Talk about Godsent. Often times, after my evening brisk walk or morning jog,  I just look at the whole set-up and walk past but since I developed the burning desire to lift weights, I began eyeing it. Eventually I gave it a try.

After my core exercises that morning, I should have just rested? Right? No! I took myself straight down to that place to start lifting weights.

I started lifting the weight. One, two, three, four, five, six..... Till I got to twenty. I repeated this 2 more times. That's a 60! I was proud of myself. Then I thought I was a boss and decided to try something I had seen some professional trainers do, a routine I was not yet developed to do at that time. A routine with a backwards movement of the barbell to give you that V-shaped abs just right there before your loins.

I ventured to do this and I heard "Ka,Ka".

You see, this"Ka, Ka" sound was not coming from the bench, neither was it coming from the barbell. My shoulder blades had suddenly become audible. Who knew shoulders could talk? Not to talk of mentioning the name of a Brazilian football player, Kaka. Well done shoulders, well done. Such an amazing feat!

How I managed to drop the barbell is what I still don't understand as of now and the pain that followed was nothing short of excruciating. I sat down on the bench for almost 10 minutes just quietly like a child that was deprived of his candy.

That day I learnt my lesson. I got the shoulders checked and dislocation was ruled out. Balm and painkillers were utilized until it got better.

So fitness enthusiasts, before you start lifting weights,
  • Know which of the weights is ideal for your strength level. You can't start lifting a barbell weighing 100kg on your first day. You are not training to be superman or the incredible hulk.
  • Start small and pick up the pace gradually.
  • Make more research on safer techniques.
  • Don't do everything you see trainers do on Youtube, Television or Instagram. These people are professionals.
  • Be safe.

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