Here's Why You Need To Love Watermelon More - Top 10 Health Benefits Of Watermelon
Did you know watermelon boosts sexual libido?

This delicious fruit needs no introduction. If you don't know watermelon, kindly come out from the rock you've been living in. Just kidding.

My point is, the fruit is widely known. And it is not just classified as a fruit. It is also classified as a vegetable with the likes of cucumbers because it is harvested like a vegetable. But planted like a fruit.

Amazing right?

Every part of the watermelon fruit is edible from the body to the seeds.

Just having 100 grams of watermelon could enrich your body with a wide number of nutrients such as vitamins C, A and B6, calcium, magnesium, fiber, protein, niacin, thiamin, potassium. It also has some essential carotenoids and lycopene in it

Here are more reasons to love watermelon;

1. It reduces hypertension

The presence of vitamin C, potassium and magnesium in watermelon helps to reduce high blood pressure in the body. If you are at risk of hypertension, watermelon should be one of your best fruits.

2. Cleanser for the kidney

Watermelon has a very significant amount of potassium in it which helps in cleaning out toxic deposits in the kidney. Its high water content aids in production of urine to clean out the kidney faster.

3. It is very good for the male reproductive organ

Watermelon contains arginine. Arginine is a compound that is effective in preventing erectile dysfunction and has been known to boost libido. It is a natural Viagra. If you want to crank up the engine down there, try watermelon.

4.  Protection of the eyes

If you take a lot of watermelon, your eyes would thank you. The presence of vitamin C, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein ensure that your eyes are under protection. They prevent the optic nerves and the eye from drying up. It also protects against eye degeneration, glaucoma in some cases and age related blindness.

5. Excellent for weight loss

Given it's high content of water and a significant amount of fibre. Watermelon is an excellent weight loss fruit. With over 90 percent of it being water, the calories in it is very low. One wedge of watermelon is roughly 86 calories. The water content in it can also help speed up your metabolism while flushing out toxins from the body. After that going to gym, running miles on treadmills or general workout, watermelon is great for hydration.

6. Strengthens the immune system

It contains a high amount of vitamin C which helps in strengthening the immune system. The presence of vitamin B6 helps the immune system to produce antibodies and aids in red blood cell formation.

7. Controls diabetes

According to a Nigerian study, watermelon has anti-diabetic properties. Its glycemic load (the measure by which a certain food/drink will raise a person's blood glucose level) is low. So it is a safe snack for a diabetic individual.
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8. Helps the heart

Lycopene is a carotenoid found in watermelon and it is very good for functions of the heart. The potassium in it helps reduce cholesterol to keep your heart safe.

9. Prevents cancer

Lycopene again. This phytonutrient has been linked to have anti-cancer properties and it is abundant in watermelons. Lycopene reduces the risks of prostate, breast, lung, endometrial and colon cancer.

10. Keeps you forever young

Watermelon is a good source of vitamin C, which is essential for collagen synthesis. Collagen helps strengthen your hair and keeps your skin supple. Vitamin A in it also helps in repairing skin cells.

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