10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Account May Get Banned/Suspended/Disabled - How To Prevent Facebook From Clamping Down Your Account

Facebook is always fun until someone subs you, calls you out in public or the worst one of all, when the almighty hand of the Facebook monitoring team slaps you with a ban, suspension or totally disabling your account. For suspension/ban, sometimes it's for a hours with the least being 24 hours. Sometimes, you could be suspended for 30 days, that's a month of Facebook activity placed on hold. 

The painful part of the Facebook suspension is that you can still see activities going on your news feed. 
You can see posts.

You can watch videos.

You can view pictures and profiles.
You can receive messages into your inbox.

You can do all these but you can not like, react, share or even send messages via your inbox.

Yeah, I know most folks will say things like "Well, Facebook does not pay me money, I'm not bothered". 

But for those who do a lot of internet marketing and online business, YOU SHOULD BE BOTHERED, especially if you use Facebook for these things. That's a minimum of 24 hours worth of potential customers and business opportunity wasted. 
I recently got suspended on Facebook and boy did it hurt. I made a comment on a friend's post, a sarcastic comment and the Facebook police put me in jail for 24 hrs. Inspiration for this post came during that period, you know what they say about prisons and inspirations so I've compiled a list of possible situations that could get your Facebook account suspended/banned/disabled.
1. Getting Reported By A Lot Of People: If your account gets reported by a minimum of 5 people on Facebook, the Facebook police will come for you. Heaven help your account if it had really did what they reported you for.
2. You Posted Copyrighted Content: We are all so quick to share stuff (music, pictures, videos) we forget that there are copyright laws for these things. If the monitoring team gets wind that you posted copyrighted material without the consent of the owner, you should be expecting a ban.
3. Fake Date Of Birth And Fake Name: It's 2018 and according to your Facebook account, you were born in 1900. How? You're either incredibly old or incredibly suspicious. They will come for you. If you want to hide your age, there is a provision to do so. 
These days, Facebook encourages users to use their real names as opposed to nicknames. They created a provision for nicknames. So the MizNickyPoshBelly, OtunbaWireWire and the likes should be put in the nicknames provision while your real name should be used on your profile.
4. Creating Profiles For Your Pets: Facebook was created for human interaction. Not for man and animal interaction. Kindly refrain from creating profiles for your pets, it will likely get suspended. 
5. Having Multiple Accounts: When you have multiple accounts with the same name and details, Facebook may see one as a fraudulent profile and decide to act accordingly. Be guided. Where it could get painful more is when the account that gets disabled is the real account and not the duplicate.
6. Using VPN Wrongly On Facebook: Virtual private networks help people in hiding their location and IP addresses but the Facebook's algorithm is smart. Imagine you logging in from Nigeria at 2:00pm and logout out with a VPN location of USA at 2:30pm. This is highly suspicious. Facebook will immediately lock your account temporarily pending verification from the account owner. 
This has happened to me before and I had to change my password before I got back on Facebook.
7. Association/Affiliation With Dangerous Groups/Pages: If your profile is linked with pages with terrorist/extremists intentions, Facebook will come for you. 
8. Wrong/Suspicious Payment Information: If you want to buy Facebook ads as a Facebook marketer, it is better you use credit/debit card information that carries your name or something close to it. Also use cards that are generated from your country. A Facebook user with location set to Lagos, Nigeria using a debit/credit card from Chicago, Illinois is a suspicious activity.
9. You Are Moving Too Fast: Facebook is a damsel that likes it slow and steady. No pressure, no rush. If your account likes too many pages at a go or sends duplicate messages in quick succession or pokes other users too quickly or sends too many friend requests, you're calling on the Facebook police. They will assume that you are a spam bot. So play some Despacito and take it slow in your dealings.
10. Posting Offensive Updates, Comments And Pictures: When I got suspended, my offence fell into this category. Even though it was a  sarcastic joke, the Facebook team still locked me up in jail. When you put up content that goes against Facebook's guidelines especially content that is deemed as hate speech against race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, serious disabilities or diseases, sex, gender or gender identity; your account will be suspended. It gets worse if a fellow user reports your account with these allegations.

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