Incredible Health Benefits Of Garden Eggs (Egg Plants) And Its Leaves
Aren't egg plants just incredible? 

First of all, this is the original egg plant. Not the one that shows a certain kind of print in an Instagram picture, yes, that 'egg plant' you have in your mind. I know your mind went there.

I can not stress more on the beneficial qualities of fruits and vegetables. They are natural, wholesome and rich in nutrients. Consumption of fruits and veggies as a lifestyle would yield a life of reduced health related conditions.

Garden eggs are very rich in dietary fibre and potassium and with very low calories. We all know low calorie foods are great for weight loss, so this is a winner in that department. Studies have shown that it contains phytonutrients that have anti-cancer effects and it is a natural source of vitamin B and vitamin E. Here are a few benefits of this amazing vegetable.

1. They are super detoxifiers.

 They help in cleansing and detoxifying the kidney, liver and colon. Who wouldn't want cheap detoxification like the one garden eggs offer. They are super agents in this regard.

2.  They help fight cancer.

According to studies, garden eggs contain phytochemicals that prevent free radicals that cause cancerous inflammations. This is an excellent immune boosting quality.

3. They help in weight reduction.

Due to its high dietary fibre content, it bulks the stomach up so that you feel full within a short period of consumption. You can take more of it and have less worries of weight gain because it is very low in calories. They are also known to reduce appetite. It is fitness friendly.

4. They help pregnant women.

Are you expecting? If the answer is yes, then garden egg is one of the vegetables you should consider consuming. It is packed with a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the little one on the way. It's richness in folic acid helps to improve blood level as the foetus forms.

5. They reduce cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Also owing to its high dietary fibre content and many micronutrients including potassium, it helps in reducing cholesterol and blood sugar. It also controls glucose absorption.

The great thing about garden eggs is that they are cheap and widely available in most parts of Nigeria. What are you waiting for? Get some today.

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