The One That Got Away - Young Love Experience

"Hello, Emeka, how are you? It's Chisom", the voice on the other end of the phone spoke, softly.

 "I'm sorry, which of the Chisoms", I asked.

She explained and all I could say was Wow! I knew the voice, still soft and silky, just the way I knew it over 10 years ago. I felt this sudden rush of electricity from my head down to the end of my spine.

It was Chisom! The Chisom. The only Chisom.

 "I'm sorry I missed your call, I went out to grab lunch", I quickly added.

"Thank God you're the one calling now, its not my credit that is going", she replied softly again and chuckled. I processed the voice and imagined how she would have said it in front of me.

Chisom and I had met over 10 years ago at her cousins' place. Her cousins' were/are family friends to my family. We were practically family to her cousins because our families mostly did things together and our dads were best of friends if not BFFs. Chisom was something I had never seen before.

Beautiful with such enchanting ivory skin as her body hairs were laid with perfection, her low cut hair spoke volumes of how natural beauty could come, tall and walked with grace like a fearless gazelle strutting through the Serengeti. I was charmed at once. I was young. Very young I must add. She also was. We both were not up to 16 years old at the time.

Before one could say Rochas Okorocha, we were already friends and grew close over the short span of time she spent. This same friendship grew into the one of the purest forms of love I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Void of the sexual immorality and money guzzling we do have nowadays.

 My mum, very sharp woman, quickly picked up that I was already liking a girl because I couldn't stop talking about her. I kept frequenting our family friends' place like as if it was there I lived at the time. I think the good part of the feeling was that it was mutual. The day she left, she dropped me a heartfelt letter that brought me to tears as young as I was. There was some sort of emotional maturity we both had and mutual respect of boundaries that was applied in our friendship. I think everybody from both sides of our families knew of this puppy love.

I couldn't stop thinking about her as I would always ask when she would be coming to visit again. All I knew was that I wanted to see her again. Even if it was a glimpse of her walking away..... But life as usual, will run it's full course. We both had different destinies, whether it would cross paths again or not, was not up to us.

We conversed like we just saw yesterday, like there was no 10 or more years gap of no communication in between.

No, there was communication at some point.

Just a few years back at her uncle's funeral. It was brief. Maybe due to the circumstance then. But this time around, we talked and talked till I ran out of airtime. We touched most topics in modern day life as much as we could. It was blissful and I would count this as a memorable discussion for me in 2018.

I know one would expect this puppy love to rekindle but no it can not. It will not. It must not. That span of time has groomed me into young budding Engineer hoping to make strides in the world and people around him, and has groomed her into a married woman. Not married in the normal sense. Married to Jesus Christ as they say. Chisom has blossomed into a beautiful Reverend Sister of the Catholic Faith. We can only but wish each other well in the paths we have chosen for ourselves.

As the call dropped, I picked up my headphone and inserted it into the headphone jack of my phone. Scrolled through my playlist and selected Katy Perry's The One That Got Away. It's still on repeat. She is my one that got away after all.

*Names were changed in course of writing this article*

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