Big Brother Naija Is Over People! What Next? - The Big Brother Naija Aftermath

 E don finish, what next?
Big Brother Naija A.K.A BBN has ended with the young Nigerian pilot, Miracle Igbokwe emerging as the winner. 25 Million Naira is good cash plus benefits amounting up to 45 Million Naira, for staying in a house with other humans for 3 months.

Over the course of this 3 months slated for the show, the show and it's contestants generated a lot of media buzz and of course, the social media sphere was not left out. Factions were formed. Teams were created. Alliances were birthed. If TeamCeeC wasn't saying this today, TeamTobi was saying that tomorrow. One would think that this joining of forces for the contestants was the beauty and fun of the show with this influence of unity on Nigerians until the fights start, eyes get scratched, wigs get snatched, and people get blocked. Over nothing but Team this versus Team that. I really hope these fights don't cause permanent damage to already established friendships for some people.

Now it has ended and the BBN channel is closed. What's next?

The buzz dies right?


It continues, even more fiercely than before.

Another set of groups will emerge and still not let us rest.

THE "I TOLD YOU SO" PEOPLE - These individuals will go about raising their shoulders and how people should applaud them because they predicted the winner or the last 3 standing or the last woman standing. To them, they are the Nostradamuses of the Millenials. Only if they could predict who wins the Nigerian presidential election come 2019, we just may believe them.

THE "HE TRIED/SHE TRIED" PEOPLE - These ones console themselves and others that their respective contestants gave in their best efforts and 'deserve some accolades'.

THE "PEPPER DEM" PEOPLE - These ones make jest of anyone who didn't support the winning team & they will do it in a manner that will boil the blood of a few people, maybe many. They could also be "I told you so" people simultaneously.

THE "TAG ME TO ANY BBN POST AND I WILL BLOCK YOU" PEOPLE - These ones are either the sore losers or the ones who claim to be 'socially matured' people who dissociate themselves from the show and don't want anything to do with it either because their own contestant didn't make it or they're trying to be 'matured' people as they call it. These set of people secretly watch the show inspite of what they make us believe.

THE "SHE DIDN'T WIN/HE DIDN'T WIN BUT...." PEOPLE - These ones are loyalists to the core. They always have a defence for their contestant no matter what. E.g Cee C didn't win but she was the last woman standing. Alex didn't win but she won 500 thousand Naira and got her mother's kitchen refurbished. Tobi didn't win but he won Heritage Bank's contest... You get the drift now?


THE "WHAT DID YOU LEARN" PEOPLE - These are the motivational and inspirational speakers. They give complete analysis of each contestant of the show, and tell us which character is good or bad. The do's and don't's.
They carve out traits that should inspire fellow Nigerians and which ones should motivate also.
Be like Tobi because he is this and that. Cee C is a feminist, she is strong....... I'm sure y'all know what I'm talking about.

This BBN buzz and brouhaha will continue until something else distracts Nigerians. Until then, where's that our president that called us lazy? 😒

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