Some People Have Greater Crosses To Bear

A conversation ensued between Mr Toothbrush and Mr Tissue Paper.

Mr Tissue Paper: Good morning Mr Toothbrush!

Mr Toothbrush: A very good good morning to you Mr Tissue Paper.

Mr Tissue Paper: I trust you're well my friend?

Mr Toothbrush: Yes I am, for now, I just have the worst job ever, cleaning people's dirty mouths.

Mr Tissue Paper: Yeah right.........  

This is a typical conversation among humans where one party believes it has a greater tribulation, challenge or problem than the other. At every point in time, someone somewhere has a bigger problem than you do. You may think yours is the biggest until you hear tribulations hammering the man next door.

2 years ago, I was having difficulty at a phase in my life, and I called my friend, who was my confidante then. I explained in details what I was facing and he just kept smiling. After I was done, he asked me "Duke, Is that it?". "Yes", I replied.

After giving me advice on what to do, he went ahead to tell me what cross he had bore for over 3 years.

 I was petrified.

I felt so annoyed at myself. There I was, thinking I had the worst problem that could ever happen to a human until I heard one exponentially greater than mine. I was humbled in some sort if way. People go through series of unfortunate events every minute such that if some open their mouths to tell you, you may just be blown off your chair.

As much as you have your cross to bear, some people have greater crosses to bear. Just note it somewhere.

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