Memories An Average Nigerian Kid WIll Have - Throwback Time: Who Remembers?

Today, being Thursday, is a throwback day. 'TBT' as my generation calls it. Sounds more like Tuberculosis Treatment to me, but that's a story for some other day. Today is throwback day! Yay!!
I remember when I was a little primary school boy, after preparing for school, you proceed to your neighbour or friend's place to wait for him or her so that y'all can go to school in groups. Most times, you wait for all the kids in your street to finish up so you all can rush to school.

Then coming back from school was fun! I would not spend my lunch money until after school so I can buy LOLLY! I don't know what it's called now or even if it's sold anymore. Some kids called it Ice-cream. I knew it as lolly. 

You would have a group of kids going through the same route on the way home. We would pack ourselves like that with our already dirty school uniforms and school bags that were obviously bigger than us, and start walking home. A group always has one stubborn child that either deliberately goes missing or misplaces his/bag or shoes that we all have to wait until we find the child or item. A group could have up to 20 children walking home.

Little by little, the numbers would decrease as some would get to their destinations before others. The best part was that in each child's home, we would make a stop, either to rest, drink water or pluck fruits from a tree nearby. We would continue walking like that till the last child gets home. Next day, same thing. It goes on like that till your family 'packs' or you finish school.

Chai... Who remembers any of this?

Throwback Song Of The Day: Olomoge Cindarella Oun ti o fi se aya yi po....Mister Gafari, ase e ti e yaka bayi.....😂😂😂 || Only my Yoruba folks can relate to this wan.

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