Nigerian President Tags Nigerian Youths "Lazy Nigerian Youths" - We Deserve Better Mr President

We deserve better 
Nigerian youths are enraged by the utterance of the Nigerian President, President Mohammadu Buhari. The president stated that most Nigerian youths are lazy. Fine. I'm not going to mention the fact that Zahra and Yusuf Buhari currently do nothing. Or the fact that Yusuf Buhari was flown to Germany on tax payers' money to be treated for an accident while riding an expensive powerbike that even a rich man would think twice before buying.

Prior to taking the presidential seat, as a presidential aspirant, 2 Million jobs were promised to the youths by this same president that permitted that poorly structured statement to fall out from his mouth - I say this with all due respect. Where are the jobs now? Since the assumption of this presidency into office, it has proved time and again of its incompetence. Only lazy people give incompetence as an output. I didn't mention names.

Nigerian youths face a lot everyday and still face a lot till date. I'd take myself as an example. Every day, the search for a job gets more desperate and chances become slimmer as the hours go by. Companies reject your application like you're only worth a piece of paper. I'm pretty sure, this is the story of most Nigerian youths.

Nigerian youths don't sit down and wait! They hustle!! They work for their money. I go to computer village and do some jobs to make some money, sometimes I write for a fee, or do some PR whenever it comes while still waiting for interviews and employment opportunities.

Most youths I know today are entrepreneurs. People whom the government have disappointed and made their lives unbearable but they stand firm and say No! Establishing small and medium scale enterprises to eke a living and you seat on your insured Aso throne fitted with jewelry and call them lazy?

Have you been to Mandillas? Ladipo? Onitsha main market? Westminster Apapa? Ogbete main market? Alaba International? Computer village? Banex plaza? Idumota? Aswani? Super/Katangowa? Berger? Tejuosho? Yaba? Ariaria Market?

These are few places off the top of my head where youths work hard and smart on a daily basis. Proudly making a honest living as opposed to a few groups of men sitting somewhere and doing nothing and cashing out more than 10 Million Naira on a monthly.

Nigerian youths are strong, hardworking and make use of their opportunities wisely and judiciously.
The funniest part is, your statement has opened another opportunity for them again. They are making shirts out of it and making money! And you still call them lazy!!

No! Mr. President, Nigerian youths deserve better. They deserve some accolades.

Duke Okafor

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