Amidst High Blood Pressure, Immnune System Almost Crashing - 2018, Shall We Begin?

I had earlier gotten up from bed, sometime at noon. It was to urinate. This time around, A dear friend had called me from the USA to wish me a great year. Not long after the call, I went on a search for bread and milk as I am not someone that enjoys cooking or else I'm really elated or my awkwardly weak attempts at being romantic. I had wanted chicken but who the **** was gonna make it?

I checked the time and it was past 5pm. No one needed to tell me that I had spent a greater part of the new year celebration in bed. Trust me, it was great. Fortunately, I saw what I was looking for, nourished myself and dived back straight into bed. But this time, I wasn't sleeping, I was seeing Denzel Washington's The Equalizer. A 2014 movie. It's a good one and showed what a "Papi" Denzel is. And the utterly vain versions of me kept telling me how I would look "Papicious" at 40. Don't hold your breaths however, I may just be a pot-bellied man with no swagger. Movie eventually ends, I'm still in bed.

My thoughts then reeled through events that occurred in 2017; How I left my beloved Enugu. How I relocated to Lagos. How I started a part-time job. How I struggled to get my own place. How I did this and how I did that...... - Just a lot of How's and Gbogbotigbo.

"Okay, Duke. You did all these. These may have been great things by your standards but Which one(s) DID YOU NOT DO?", I quizzed myself. I realized there was more I didn't do as compared to what I did.

Above all the things I didn't do, one thing stood out. I did not pay attention to myself. I lost myself. I lost myself to work. I lost myself to love. I lost myself in a lot of ways unimaginable. Even lost interest in writing - still trying to forgive myself on that account. There was basically no me for a long while.

I never realized how nonchalant I was with myself until it told on my health in December. December 5th, I fell ill. Very ill. So ill that at the wee hours of December 13th, I was gasping for breath on my bed alone with the moonlight as witness. It was basically Malaria. But here's was the tricky part, my immune count had dropped down to a low 280 and my blood pressure was at borderline 140.

Meaning I had a high blood pressure and immune system was very low. These two additions made the 'simple' Malaria more fatal than it should. I didn't know my immune system had gone that low until I ran tests after a Malaria fever that refused to go after treating it twice. Malaria had come out nil, Typhoid was non-existent even the almighty HIV 1 & 2 were negative (as they should *looks around*). I was placed on treatment for all these, bed rests and rest is not-so-history.

I really couldn't fathom how much of me had to have gone for me to have such blood pressure in my mid-twenties. And then my immune count at 280.. Ahan Kilode? I started thinking of which of my village people I had offended.

That state of health jolted me back to life. As of the 26th of December, I had already started making reforms. Me, myself, my heart, my health had to come first. No need to wait for a new year when you can do it now! It came to a point where I had to choose between my job and my health, the answer to this is a no-brainer here. You don't need to think twice about it. Good health is your best insurance company.

Now 2018 has reared it's head in and nothing has changed apart from the fact that I am still on immune building drugs, I'm focused more on myself. I'm not gonna stress myself for anything like I would that in the past, that is, friendships, relationships, acquaintances and the likes. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, oh well..... It may be a selfish thing yeah, but for the right reasons.

Also, apart from being a better person than I was yesterday, the only thing I have resolved to carry out from now is to flow. Just flow. Flow like water. Flow like the wind. If there's is a passage, I flow, if there's none, I patiently wait till there's one or find another passage. No over stress. If I'm gonna die eventually, why stress myself to die early?

No more Jaguda. It's a Jeje life baby. 😀

PS: My immune count has risen to a very healthy 1250 count and very normal blood pressure. Early new year gift as I would call it.

Duke 1 - Village People 0.

So 2018, Shall we begin *In Daenerys Targeryen's voice*

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