Grab Bargain Deals Anytime You See Them - Do You Bargain At All?

Do we have a deal?
25th of December, Christmas day. Beautiful day. Also happens to be my father's birthday. I really don't know how people get born on such days. Strategic planning? Or just sheer luck. All you Christmas-born humans, bask in your little achievement. Nonsense and festivities.

I went to see my Dad at his place to celebrate with him on his birthday. It was a blast. My immediate elder sister had gotten him a beautiful cake. Dad was in his native attire holding his 'Offor' everywhere he went and speaking too much grammar with the sole purpose of breaking people's heads I reckon. Our 'Ada' was everywhere making sure everything went as planned. 

My mum, wifey, supervisor general, is there a need to outline her functions in this? We all know this. Me? I was busy eating. Seriously, I was eating every single thing that came my way ranging from Chicken to the birthday cake. What can I say? I didn't want the food to waste. As the General Commander of LAWMA.

The festivities continued into the evening but I had to leave. I had an appointment on the 26th (It was later rescheduled). My mum decided to accompany me to where I would get a bike. We had one or two issues to trash out, which we were discussing until we came upon a bike. I called the Bike guy and told him my destination.

 He told me the price and I replied "No wahala, make we go".

My mum, seeing the whole thing, looked me in the eyes and asked "Emmy Ina e kwekwa onu?".

This translates to - Emmy, Do you bargain at all? I looked at her, hugged her and smiled. I didn't answer the question.

That smile was not an ordinary smile. The series of thoughts that ran through my head could all sum up into one final thought, "this woman does not know me sha". Back then in Enugu, Ogbete market precisely, I would bargain till the trader gets to a pissed off point, tell me to go angrily, I would calm him/her down and re-bargain! My friends then, always loved me to accompany them to the market just because of my mouth. I would bargain and add sweet talk to it. Like injuring you and blowing sweet air to the wound, praise the Lord somebody.

Now there's recession and you think the bargaining power has gone? Abia! It's bargaining 2.0. I will bargain till that day I 'kpeme'. Bargaining is life, bargaining is bae. There's this pride I feel whenever I bargain. Yes, pride, I struggled to get the money to pay, still struggled decide what amount to pay.
Sometimes I wonder if I amass one kind of wealth, would I still bargain? Or they'd just tell me the price and I'd just pay once. I wouldn't know. Let me amass the wealth first, then I'd tell you people how it's going. Something in me tells me I would still remain the same annoying bargainer that I am.

Do you bargain at all? Do you know you can get the best deals for your money when you bargain?

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