Donald Trump Calls African Countries 'Shithole' - Ain't We All Shitholes?

Everyone is super pissed at Donald Trump. Well, ain't we all?

I've seen different videos flying here and there. Opinions somersaulting to and fro. I must add that I am not surprised at his statement and I keep wondering why everyone seems shocked. Mr Trump with all due respect, is a shithole sorry excuse for a human being whose brain lost it's auto correct feature and his stupidity placed on autopilot till his battery dies.

That not withstanding, I agree with his shithole utterance. Though coming from the racial bigot, it would spark uproars and even the AU (African Union) is requesting for an apology.

I laugh at the shitholes(Presidents) who head african nations. Asking for apologies when this is a moment to reflect, take a step back and start making reforms. From what I've learnt in my two decades of living on earth, is that, no one insults you without your permission. You give that person permission knowingly or unknowingly.

Let's take my country, Nigeria, for example;

Electricity is nothing to write home about. You pay for electricity charges and you get at most 4hrs of electricity out of 24hrs of electricity. That's if it even gets up to 4 hours on some days- Shithole.
The Nigerian Military, at some point in 2017, took it upon themselves in the shameful charade called Operation Python Dance, to the Eastern part of Nigeria to terrorize it's citizens for voicing out - Shithole.

The president of my country held my country stagnant for over 3 good months without any form of apology - Shithole.

May I add that something called change was promised during the last election and we haven't as much as seen pretty much nothing. - Shithole

During the festive season of 2017, fuel prices skyrocketed and was extremely scarce. May I remind you that my dear country Nigeria is one of the topmost oil producing countries in the world - Shithole.

Our healthcare system is so 'beautiful' that our politicians have to go abroad for just an ordinary check-up. Our president stayed in London for 103 days receiving treatment. Oh, and lest I forget, our President's son is in Germany receiving treatment currently. I hope he recovers soon. But, it's not like I like to look for trouble but consider this; What if, maybe, just maybe, if our dear president had invested in the healthcare system, he would be here receiving treatment. - Shithole

Our Nigerian roads are deathtraps but no politician sees this as something to change! Until it kills one of them. But who am I kidding? They all take flights. - Shithole

Kindly tell me the government parastatal you enter to get something done without saying 'thank you' to one 'madam' or 'oga' - Shithole

Sometime last year, the citizens kept complaining about the Special Anti-Robbery Squad due to the various attrocities these operatives have meted out on innocent Nigerians. These complaints fell on deaf ears. - Shithole

Fulani Herdsmen are busy killing people. Committing genocide like these human lives are way beneath the lives of cattle. Recently, Benue state has been hit with a wave of these gruesome murders. What has my government done? Sent the IGP to Benue state? That's it.. Let's not talk about the comments from the President and the Vice-president - Shithole(s)

These are the few things I can list off the top of my head. You can add yours. We all have one shitty story to tell about the beautiful shithole we call our country. I was in a deep discussion with someone regarding this 'Shithole' issue and here was his contribution; "Even if it is a shithole, should we say it out?".

The nerve! The bleeping nerve!! Honestly, I felt like bitch-slapping him into 1960 but he's entitled to his opinion as I am to mine. It is this nonsensical idea at keeping mute at things happening around that has left us to remain in this shithole situation. The suffering and smiling phenomenon. Our 'mumu' never still do, it continues.

And if it takes the biggest shithole in the world(Donald Trump) calling us shitholes to get us to get our priorities straight and focus on building our country. Then maybe he should keep calling us shitholes, like hammer it everyday in our ears, till our shithole stops being one.

That being said and rant out of the way... *Sips one glass of Zobo*

Donald Trump, how dare you?

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