Big Brother Nigeria - The Gifts And Money, Are They For Real Or Just Publicity

In Nigeria, there's something we say;

"Na talk dey bring talk".

This could be loosely translated into "Discussions breed discussions". Why this? I had no intention to write twice about Big Brother Naija 3 nor its contestants but talk brought talk apparently.
Apart from the prizes these contestants of big brother Naija clinch, they also get to receive gifts from well-meaning Nigerians and celebrities. These are people who may have watched the show and fallen in love with any contestant's personality.

Miracle Igbokwe was offered 1 million Naira from the Tekno, the producer/musician. MC Ajele promised him (Miracle) a Toyota Venza with an undisclosed amount of cash. Is God not a Miracle working God?

Cee - C's fans contributed 5 thousand Naira each to make up a whooping 2 Million Naira which they awarded to her. A popular twitter philanthropist gifted her 1 Million Naira. Another, 500 thousand Naira. ICF Consortium is offering her an Iphone X. Davido is offering an undisclosed amount of money. Small doctor is offering a car...

And so on and so forth.

Truly they deserve this. They have won the hearts of Nigerians and I love these contestants plus I am happy for them. Who doesn't love good things? Everyone does except your village people are using your destiny as target practice.

What's puzzling to me, is this;

Are these people doing this just for the sake of doing it or just for a show of publicity?

I'm not doubting the authenticity of their promises as most of them are equal to, and even more than the task. But I am forced to think that these gifts were born out of the publicity the show gives and whatnot.

If that is not the case, there are people really suffering in Nigeria. Some are in the hospitals who need someone to foot their medical bills. Some children need food. Some for payment of tuition. Some need capital to start-up a business. Some even ask for these donations to help their lives either for one treatment or the other. Why not extend a hand to them the same way you're extending a hand to these contestants. There are people that even 100 thousand Naira will go a long way in inputting positivity in their lives.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they should convert the gifts given to these contestants and give to the needy but since these givers have in abundance to give, extend it the needy too. I just feel, as valid as these bequeathing of gifts and money is, some are doing it for the publicity and the applause. I stand to be corrected.

My opinion, which is also a plea is; extend your giving to places with little or no publicity too, I'm just saying. After all, it is their money and I have no single right to tell them how to use it.

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