Always Demand For Your Change - Before The Change Demands You

 Demand for your change
While growing up in Ogun state, just right in front of my compound, we sold water. Like most households opportune to have water running, we sold water to the community for little amounts of money. Depending on the size of the bucket or gallon. Some were 2 buckets full for 5 Naira, some were just 1 bucket full for 5 Naira. We in turn would used these proceeds to acquire diesel to pump water.

There was a particular young lady who always came to fetch water. She is of the Egun tribe. Dark in complexion, plump and her eye pencil was always drawn awkwardly. The colour of the eye pencil was either red or purple. I suppose the colour depends on her mood. She was an apprentice in a hair dressing salon closeby.

The mysterious thing about this lady is, no matter how many buckets she fetched, she always had change remaining. This change was also always not more than 10 Naira. To add salt to injury, often times, we never had 10 Naira change to give her, so she had to come back for the change.

Anytime she comes back for the change, she is always 'straight-faced'. No smiles, nothing. She comes to the front door and screams in anger with her beloved eye pencil contorting, "O gba chegi!!" This was her form of saying "Mofe gba change" in Yoruba which means "I want to collect my change" in English. Says nothing else apart from the aforementioned, repeatedly with more enthusiasm as each successive blurt came. She says this with this 'I did not come here to play' demeanor. Like give me my change or else I'd burn down this building. One would think there was a previous altercation but that was never the case, she just wanted her change!

She keeps doing this that my siblings and I started calling her "Mofe Gba Change". It got so deep that we formed a song for her. Yes, it was that deep.

I remembered her today, called my elder brother and we had a good laugh about it. Then I applied it to the Nigerian FG and the Masses. What if we demanded for change like the lady? Don't you think we would be better off as a country by now?

Funwa ni change! Funwa ni change!!

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