Rat Infestation - Rant Of Warning To The Rat In My Room

This is totally not for human reading, for rats only
This rat that's always running up and down in my room every night.

Let me warn you now like this. I know you will see this post. The rat kingdom has internet now, so don't even lie that you didn't see it!

We both know there's no foodstuff in this house or else you want to lick palm oil and groundnut oil. Or maybe salt and Maggi. That one is your problem, not mine.

When you came in, I told you we could co-exist as far as you don't disturb me. I thought you understood it that time. Now you're running up and down the place like as if it's me that begged you to enter my house. See me see wahala.

Let me just warn you down, If any of my certificates just do mistake and miraculously has hole somewhere..... CNN, BBC, Linda Ikeji, Gossipmill, Instablog Naija would not be enough to carry the gist of what I would do to you.


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