What Are The Odds Of Being Splashed With Water By Cars? Twice!

I tell people most times, life teaches us a lot with little things around us. Little experiences here, little difficulties there. We just have sit down and reflect on every little thing that happens to us directly, indirectly, to people around us, and in our vicinity.

I learn more from these experiences than whatever I have learnt in school. Today, I learnt again, and I want to share.

I woke as usual and prepared to head out, then the rain started. It was unexpected. And I hate going out in the rain for just one reason; BEING SPLASHED WATER BY SOME BLOODY CAR. I waited for the rain to subside, and of course, it did. It was time to take my bloody plonker self to work.

Got out of the house, got into a bike taking me to the bus stop. Seemed like a pretty good ride as the weather had been cooled by the downpour of the rain. The breeze caressed my beards that I almost got married to it. It was like enjoying 10 minutes of non-stop romance, but enough about the breeze 😏.

There was an Honda Pilot SUV in front of me. Oh I hate Honda Pilots. This was the first vehicle that splashed water on me when I first came to Lagos, I had to go back to home to change. Silly SUV. But, if you buy it for me I would still thank you. The car was going at some sort of speed as if the owner was late for work because he was having an early morning romp with his side chick. Mind you, not wife, side chick. Only a side chick could give such speed. This pace continued until he splashed water on some guy on the other side.

Chai, it was not a good sight. This was worse than mine. The guy just stood there dejected. I could feel his pain as I have been through this before from a Honda Pilot!
What are the odds of that... I was like "Aww eeyah, he's going home to change, no two ways about it".

I felt so sorry for him. Naija nawa.... Let's blame Buhari

I was still 'Awwing' when one SUV that God might punish the owner splashed water on me! I screamed, "Fuck!, Just fuck!!". The other guy who had earlier been splashed looked my way and started laughing. I laughed too but on a serious note, it really wasn't funny. Erm...maybe, just maybe the way I screamed like an 'Americana' was funny. The splash on me wasn't that bad, but on the other guy, lol, let's not go there.

I continued my journey to work and my reflections started. You see, in this life, nothing is constant, it's constantly changing. What's good this minute could be horrible the next minute. When people are going through bad times or rough patches in life, that's not the time to laugh at them or point their flaws, who knows, you might be NEXT. Maybe that same thing was meant to happen to you too but you had been given a test by seeing someone else go through it and however you react to it determines the magnitude of how that circumstance happens to you too.

So I feel we just need share more love, helping hands and laughter to anyone regardless of who they are or what they are. Just treat them right for YOU JUST MIGHT BE NEXT.

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