Rant: The Intersex - A Phenomena Nigerians Have Not Understood Yet

I saw a heartbreaking video of a boy who was publicly disgraced and ridiculed in the most dehumanizing way possible. I couldn't watch it to end as I was red with rage already. His offence was simple. Very simple. He was born a hermaphrodite(Intersex). He has the male and female genitalia. That's it. Shikena. Nothing else.
A boy that should be protected, loved and encouraged by his community that he is normal and like every other person in all ramifications, has gone through such ordeal from the same members of his community. We, Nigerians, are barbaric people sometimes. The most educated one among us could turn out to be the most idiotic. The bloody fool who had the time to make a video of that horrible experience, had no time to visit Google to educate himself that that's a biological occurrence. No he wouldn't, foolishness and stupidity have ravaged his senses. - Pardon me, I'm pissed.

In Nigeria, we don't understand the principles of fundamental human rights. So what if he's an hermaphrodite? You couldn't leave him to live that same life in peace? You had to ridicule him that way? Did they ever stop to think what would go on mentally in the boy's head after this and he takes a drastic action? Like suicide? Because he feels he's not normal and doesn't deserve to live? Baby you are normal. That was how you were created. It's not your doing. I wish I could tell him all these physically. This is saddening.

In all our acts and deeds ,we should try to apply the 'What If' factor. What if he was your nephew. What if he was your son. What if he was your grandson. What if he was your cousin. What if he was your friend. What if he was you.

I wonder when we would learn. I wonder when we would rise above our non-exposure. I wonder when we would stop reasoning and acting like savages and barbarians. I wonder when some of us will have common sense.

The most infuriating part is some of us found it amusing and shared it, maybe for others to have good laugh I reckon. Are we all not sick in the skull? Are we not just utterly stupid? Are we all not nincompoops? You're laughing because you have a 'normal' penis. You're laughing because you have a 'normal' vagina. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your ancestors should be ashamed of you. Your unborn children should be ashamed of you.

Nigerians, please, learn.

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