Labels And Tags - How We Easily Label People

I am male.
I am female.
I am black.
I am white.
I am a Negroid.
I am a Mongoloid.
I am Hispanic.
I am Caucasian.
I am African.
I am American.
I am British.
I am Chinese.
I am literate.
I am an illiterate.
I am Gay.
I am Lesbian.
I am Straight.
I am Transgender.
I am Transverstite.
I am Intersex.
I am Rich.
I am Poor.
I am sophisticated.
I am crude.
I am beautiful.
I am handsome.
I am ugly.
I am a Christian.
I am a Muslim.
I am a Buddhist.
I am Hindu.
I am a Sikh.
I am a Taoist.
I am an African Traditionalist.
I am Agnostic
I am Atheist.
I am Military.
I am a civilian.
I am holy.
I am unholy.
I am Nigerian.
I am Ghanaian.
I am South African.
I am Biafran.
I am Igbo.
I am Yoruba.
I am Hausa.
I am Efik.
I am Ibibio.
I am Isoko.
I am Urhobo.
I am Ijaw.
I am Ikwerre.
I am Kalabari.
I am Fulani.
I am Birom.
I am Angas.
I am Nupe 
I am....
I am........
I am............ 

There are more. You can add yours but I hope you don't.😐

Labels and tags. These labels and tags have divided us in more ways than anyone can imagine. They have been used as excuses for oppression, wars, killings, intolerance, violence, segregation, division, ostracization, bullying.We get boxed to living and operating within the labels and tags which have been 'assigned' to us, that when we experience someone operating in a different label and tag apart from the one we are used to, we lash out in different ways, most of the time, it's negative.

I am this and you are that, so this and that cannot happen or this and that has to happen.

We fail to always come to the ultimate truth - We are all HUMAN. We all breathe oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. We all bleed blood. The colour is red! No one bleeds blue blood. We all die at some point. We are not immortal. You will die eventually.

If tomorrow, an Alien race from another planet comes to earth to annihilate us. We would all forget all these labels and tags we have so riddled ourselves with and remember we are all HUMAN. 

I am not going to conform to the labels and tags. I am human. That's it. I hope when we all realize that, it won't be too late.

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