How Petty Can You Be - Rising Above Sheer Pettiness

In every soul, there's a constant battle between good and evil. It is never-ending. Why though?
Okay, let me report myself.

There's this street I pass through every morning while heading to work and evening while heading back home. Every time I pass, I see that they always have light in that street. While my own street, it's not like we don't have light o. We do, but not as much as these guys. Boy! These guys? Their light seems to be unblinking. That's like Utopia for me. Near-constant electricity.

This morning I passed through. Alas, there was no light. They've taken their light! For some reason best known to evil, I felt this joy! Unspeakable joy, that they took their light in that street.

 Ehen finally. Na only una go dey get light for this area? wetin sef?

After moving a few minutes away from the street, the joy turned into a reflection for me. Why was I happy that they took their light? Is that not just evil? Would the taking of their light add more electricity to mine? Why did I have joy then? Wow. I am not perfect however.
I realized that these things happen everyday! Like every single day, we humans just have some sort of relief at the downfall of our fellow brothers and sisters.

When we see someone doing better than us, we lay in wait, just hating, breeding jealousy and envy. Just expecting something bad to happen so we could have some sort of relief. We all have evil thoughts once in while, but it's also our duty to rise above it every single time it presents itself because like it or not, we are both good and evil. How you choose to act on your thoughts depends entirely on you. I do admit that I had that thought, but I had to call myself to order. That was horrible thinking and I have risen above it.

Yes there would be people who would do better than you in this world no matter how hard you try. Yes, at some point you would get jealous of them and all. But you must call yourself to order and rise above that pettiness. At least my reflections taught me that today.

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