Why I Stopped Jogging - The Morning I Almost Got Kidnapped While Jogging

I have never told anyone why I stopped my morning jog routine back in Enugu. I always figured that one day, when I've come to regain myself from the shock, I would tell someone. But why tell someone when you can tell a lot of people? This might sound crazy but hey, it's my story, you didn't experience it with me. I hope to narrate this the best way I can so you all get the message but if you don't, you can just re-read.

I lived in place called Ugwuaji in Enugu state. It's beautiful but comes with some technicalities. Or maybe just one technicality. It is not a safe place for newbies. I felt being an old boy of the place, I was also safe. Well, surprise surprise, no one is safe. Back there or anywhere else. It is a calm place but could be very unpredictable. That unpredictable part was what I never considered.

"Bia Duke, You don add weight o". That was the trigger. I knew I had to work out to burn out some of the weight. I've always been thick. But even with thickness, one has to be careful before you get unwannted fat in unwanted places. My belly was already coming out like as if I had gotten married the previous year. Time to burn this fat off! I went to Shoprite, bought about 10 packs of green tea. Anyone who had been to my room then would always see and the question would be, "you wan kill yourself?".

I kept drinking this tea, day in, day out like it was nobody's business. Then started working out silently in my room. As if that wasn't enough, I decided to add early morning jogging into the routine. I would wake up by 5am, jog to Ugwuaji gate and then brisk walk back home. This takes an average of 1hr 10mins. This continued for two more weeks and I was getting used to the routine that it started to feel like nothing. I was a boss already.

I would loved have to remember the exact date this happened but I really can't, but I know it was a Tuesday. I had drunk my green tea mixed with black tea and was ready for my jog. Wore my Black Air Jordans and stepped out. It was cold outside but the hot tea was potent for the cold. I started my jog and I could feel the breeze blowing through my loins. I was wearing a very free short my friends call "skirt". Trust me, it really does look like a skirt. I kept running until I got to Nfeaji junction. I saw this man, slightly taller than I was but I was more built. He wore a track suit so I assumed he was exercising like I was. He was stationary, maybe he was catching his breath.

I said no words as I jogged past him and maintained my pace. He picked up after me and was jogging behind me, I still maintained my pace. A few minutes later, I felt a strong hand grab me by my tank top. The grip was so strong that it was strangling. It was the same man. Was he a kidnapper or a ritualist? Till date, I have never bothered to find out. With the strong hold, I increased my speed, I kept running fast as the break free. He also ran at my speed while grabbing my top. Adrenaline rush here was somewhat epic as I had to think quickly and move quickly before I become a 'missing person'.

The faster I ran, the faster he ran with me until I came to an abrupt stop he never expected. He never hexperrerit! He ventured to finally grab me from the back, I knew that was the final straw. I bent down and used my lower back to push him over me. As he was going over, I was pulling off my tank top with his hands gripped to it.

 It was successful.

I broke free but I was bare-chested. I'd rather be bare-chested than kidnapped or worse. Immediately I pulled off that 'Jackie Chan' action film stunt, I ran as fast as my legs could carry. You know that situation where they say you ran with your feet touching the back of your head. I ran in the opposite direction i.e back to my house. I didn't look back to check whatever was happening.

I remember saying "Oh shit" repeatedly while I ran.
Trust me, it's not as funny as it sounds. I got back home, locked myself in. Didn't come out till afternoon.The whole day I kept thinking, "Na so e dey happen?".

I'm back to Lagos now, I resumed my morning routine today. I have finally let go of that scare, that ordeal, that's why I can talk about it now. I believe I'm more comfortable doing my routine here than where I stayed. Up till today, I still can't make out any deductions from what happened that day.

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