The Injustice Of Nnamdi Kanu's Bail Terms -The Biafran Struggle

First, let me start by saying. All you South-East Governors: Shame on all of you, one by one. Unu ncha nine. Where is your spirit of Brotherhood. Nwanne gi no na nga, irapu ya tufu iru. Tufia unu!
The same Yoruba people we called weaklings had one of their own come out to support Nnamdi Kanu in court. Governor Ayo Fayose was present. No South-Eastern Governors was in sight. Unu ncha bu... Let me just shut up here. You are my elders.

Now read this. "IPOB leader is also expected to provide three sureties one of whom must be a serving Senator, a Jewish religious leader and highly respected person, who own land anywhere in Abuja.
The bail bond has been set at N100 million for each surety.

Kanu was also ordered never to grant any interviews to the press, pending the outcome of his trial. He will not be seen in a gathering of more than 10 people"

This means his total bail money is 300 Million and you claim to be fighting corruption? What is the man's crime in the first place? You call it treason? A man leading his people, who share common interests with him to secede? Is Secession a crime? After you have marginalised a people. Nigeria commited Genocide to Biafra. No one said pim! Face it! You are scared to pieces of Nnamdi Kanu!!.
He shouldn't grant any interviews. Are you scared of something? Nsogbu adiro. But he can make videos and broadcast yeah? There's always a loophole.

He should not be seen in a gathering of more than 10 people. The law made provision for freedom of association now you are taking it away from him? So if he is a staunch Christian, he would not be in the gathering of his brethren? He can't attend his Umunna meetings. He cannot organize a birthday for his child? No events at all. I laugh at all of you.

It seems this judicial system is so blind to see that have stripped him of his fundamental human rights. Rights they were meant to protect in the first place?

Dear Federal Government of Nigeria and The Nigerian judicial system: Are you all not ashamed of yourselves? You free a man but still bound him to chains. Tufia! once again.

Anyi bu Ofu. Anyi Bu Ndi Igbo. Dike Ka Anyi Bu.

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