Letter To My Late Best Friend - Remembering Clement

Dear Clement,
I’m sure we can all agree that fate made a terrible mistake with you. Going so soon was not the initial agreement or was it? Maybe a glitch happened and you were gone. I miss you every single day, which is surprising, I barely miss people.
You were one of the sources of joy in my life. You had a way of lightening up my soul in split seconds. I always wondered how you did that. You were a super human. Little wonder it took me more than year to finally come to accept that you were really gone.
You were my best friend. My haven. I was always safe with you despite your extremely rough ‘Area-boy’ nature. Anyone that came around you felt your presence no matter how little. If you were not stealing their slippers today, you were looking for ways to make someone buy you Gulder tomorrow. No one has been able to fill the void you left behind in my heart and I don't think anyone ever will. Fate has rendered me "Bestfriendless" for three years now.
Well, enough of this talk. Let's talk like we used to.😀😀😀
You are alive today and reading this. Ogbeni how are you? I'm sure you are somewhere reading this and you are like 'Abi Oloshi ni bobo Duke yi sha'. I met a young boy sometime in January. He looks exactly like you. He has your colour, your body stature, some of your facial structure, he's stubborn as hell like you, he comes from the same town as you, more surprisingly, he has the same mark you have at your lower back. Make I no lie guy, fear catch me when I see all those things. He's 9 years old so there's very little possibility that he is your incarnate. But this reminded me greatly of you. I grew fond of the boy as he would always give me a feeling that you were around, somewhere.
Clement, I have graduated from the university now. We said we would do it together and I kept my promise on that day. I made a shirt with your picture on it and wrote our final paper to make sure I graduated for the both of us. I remember when you said you were going to throw a huge party for our graduation. But alas, no party was thrown. It's not like school was fun for me, you were the one who made it fun for me. Always up to one mischief or the other. You were the push.
I remember the last fight we had. I had gone to Heinrich Global at Ogui Road to buy an earpiece. I bought it for N2500 and you were so furious that I spent that amount of money on an earpiece when I could have just gotten one for N200 at the time. You came to my room, collected the earpiece and cut the wires. I'm like wtf and you just kept saying 'you no get sense, I go teach you sense today'. I also got so pissed that I hit you with my curtain rod and it bent. You had the body of a goat, you can take any beating to get your aim achieved. Tufia. You said I could kill you for all I cared as far as you had cut the earpiece, no wahala. I wondered what kind of piece of work you were. That was a week before easter.
I spent Easter in the village and came back to Enugu. You first insulted my village that it had no network as you tried to reach me as always. You told me how you went to Ezeagu waterfalls and had yourself a great time. You ended your talk by telling me you had stomach ache and collected my toothpaste. You would always leave your room to come and collect my toothpaste which I don’t understand because you had toothpaste!
Little did we know that that stomach ache was the genesis. We all thought it was nothing until you couldn't stand up anymore. We had to take you to the hospital on Sunday.
I remember you not allowing any other person to feed or cloth you apart from me. You almost packed up that Sunday night, I screamed at the top of my voice for the doctor. Luckily you regained consciousness. After everything, we found out that what was wrong with you was of fetish and diabolic origin. This world, uwa nke a sef. I have always told you I avoid people like plague. People are evil nnaa. Ndi mmadu di njo.
We had to call Mumsy. That Monday, she left Lagos and arrived Enugu at night. I was with your phone so I called GPrano and JLord that Mumsy had come. Immediately you saw her, you burst into tears and kept repeating "NNE, NNE ". I kept teasing you and calling you a big baby. Not minding that that little drama made me cry too.
Like as if you knew you were going, you kept telling Blessing, your girlfriend to come and have sex so you could impregnate her. Everyone including Mumsy was laughing but little did we know that you were serious as rock. Now I understand it.....
Since Mumsy had come, I felt I could leave you and come tomorrow. You told me " Thank you" in Yoruba language. You barely say Thank you or sorry. You said THANK YOU, Chineke thank sir! I really had to leave you with mumsy. I had not had my bath for two days because I was on nurse duty with you. I just had to clean up and be a fresh boy again.
Tuesday came, early in morning, it was a few minutes to 6am. I got a knock on my door. I opened, it was Mummy Divine. "Emmy shey na true?", she quizzed. " True say wetin?", I inquired. "True say Clement don die"
A thousand thunders struck at the same time in my head at that moment. I had never experienced such. I felt this rush of scare. I pushed her out the way and kept running to Blessing's place where you were. I was just on briefs but I didn't give a fuck. I didn't even get to the place when I saw a lot of people in front of the compound. My friend was gone.
I turned back and kept screaming. I looked like a crazy person. Till date, I don't know how I managed to walk back home. It was like as if my heart would explode. I was in pain. My best friend just died, who do I talk to? He was the one I could talk to. Now he’s gone… That void, that vacuum…. Life.
This letter is long but it doesn’t remove the fact that, Padi mi, I miss you, always, and I hope you are at a better place. Three years of losing you no be beans. I would have loved to name my child after you but oh boy you too stubborn. I no want stubborn pikin lol. Oya my hand is paining me, I would write you some other time.
Your Best friend,

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