Opinion - God And The Devil (Their Fates Are Interwined)

The more I hear about God and the Devil, the more my school of thought registers them as two powerful cosmic energies that can not do without one another to survive.

Just the same way electricity needs the positive and negative terminals to flow effectively. In the case of God and the Devil, I'm inclined to think no being is greater than the other but most have been made to believe that one is greater while the greater one doesn't get to destroy or surpress the less great one because 'he' supposedly 'wiser'.

No I do not agree. They both need each other to function. As much as you feel one doesn't, their fates are intertwined and would always be. Like as I hear, one is Darkness and the other is Light. Light needs darkness in order to thrive. Darkness needs light in order to thrive. If you don't feel the scare of darkness, you will not appreciate the light. Also, if you are too blinded by light, you need some darkness to take it down the notch. It's a balance that really can't be altered. Positive and negative. Light and Darkness. Good and evil. This has been before you came into existence and after you pack up.

Let me give a 'basic' illustration. You as a human, you are greater than a mosquito in the obvious sense and you see this mosquito about to break you and your family down and you intentionally let it go because you are wiser? And this keeps happening time and again.

Yet, you...

Okay I'm done. Let's continue.

Whatever struggle these entities have against each has other, completely nothing to do with us. While some of us are being used as pawns of this charade. We become advocates, crusaders and warriors of something we have no idea how it started or what actually happened. Sense?

Some things are a mystery however​. Every explanation of these aforementioned beings are superfluously flawed in my opinion including mine. But however, we cling unto the ones that give us clarity. I cling unto mine.

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  1. This is from a sound mind, an enlightened and a freethinker.
    Thank you wise one.


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