You Do Not Need To Have The Whole World In Order To Give

Why is that it's the ones who have so little that give so much? The rich give out of the abundance of their pockets but the poor, they give out of the abundance of their hearts. Let me tell you a story of what happened to me a few hours ago.

The spirit of being broke had been hovering over my bank account until I got a N3000 alert during the week. I rushed like a mad dog to the ATM to withdraw N2000. As e dey hot. I satisfied myself with it and I was happy with myself. At least, I ate chicken.

Fast forward to today, Sunday, I still had like N1000 so I made up my mind to go and withdraw it. I didn't even bother having my bath but mind you I was not smelling - Anambra boys don't smell. I dropped at Holy Ghost Cathedral and started walking towards Access Bank at Old Park. Yes, that one opposite peace park.

I was thirsty like it was thirsty-trap Thursday. My throat was parched and I really needed to quench my thirst with cold water. I saw a young boy selling pure water and I called him to give me two sachets of pure water knowing fully well I had nothing on me. I drank this sachets of water like my life depended on it.

When I was satisfied, I told him I had no money on me but I was going to give him his money on my way back from the ATM. I even told him to follow me if he wished. He just said to me,"Brother, I'm in this side, I will wait for you".
I was shocked but I hid it. I just smiled and told him okay. He is smart kid. He knew if he followed me, he stood a chance of loosing customers so he decided to stay back and trust me. I kept thinking about while going to the ATM and coming from the ATM. He needed that N20 but he let it go with hopes it would come. That heart is the heart that gives out of hope and love. Maybe all hope is not lost with humanity afterall because he taught me something that I don't think I would forget so quickly. You don't need to have the whole world to give, you just need a whole heart. Shikena.

Fortunately for us, the ATM machine paid me in N500 denominations. I walked back to the side he said I would find him but I didn't see him. His heart wasn't set on receiving. I stood there while using my eyes to scout for him. I had already imprinted his face on my mind. I waited a while longer and decided to venture forward. I took a few steps and I saw him with his small bowl containing cold pure water sachets. I called him to me and asked for two more sachets of pure water. He smiled and gave it to me. I drank just one while holding the other in my hand.

I had to pay him eventually, so, I split the N1000 and gave him N500. "Brother I don't have change o", he exclaimed. "Keep it, that's your Sunday gift", I told him. His face had mixed reactions that I can't find words to explain. All he could manage to utter was "Brother thank you". I made my way home smiling and having just a little more hope that all is not lost with humanity.

Silver, Gold, Diamonds you may not have. But the little you do, you can always share.

P:S That couple that was serving very nice looking rice with meat to beggars around Ogbete Main Market from the boot of their Kia Rio car and giving them bags of pure water - You are blessed a million folds. 😍😍😘😘

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  1. I wan comot but you say make I say something, so, SOMETHING! ;P

    1. You don't know how elated I am seeing ur comment Boss mi!! hahahahha you have really said 'something' Thanks so much

  2. Nice one bro... I really like what you're giving us here.


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