Why Are People So Wicked?

When they say the heart of man is desperately wicked, they weren't kidding! Truth is, man is man's own problem. People are wicked. Just utterly wicked and inhumane.

I was still very angry at Gabriel, my friend, who dragged me around Ogbete market in Enugu to look for an Infinix hot 4 phone for his sister. You see, this my friend is a very indecisive person and would drag you to ends of the market just to get something worth N1000 for N900. We all have that friend that annoys us but really what can we do? Do we kill them? No. I had lost my short Nokia USB cord and I was super pissed. Gabe was busy pacifying me all through.

Eventually we came out of the market, the sun was scorching, the heat was unfriendly and traffic was jammed. There was this wheelbarrow pusher who wanted to push his barrow across the traffic jam. He looked like a man in his 60s but I am very sure he was in his 40s but life as we know it has done quite a number him. What he was carrying in this wheelbarrow was quite heavy that on a good day, I would never venture to carry such.

He wanted to pass in between two cars to get to the other side. There was a Toyota Solara in front and A Toyota Camry at the back and the barrow man and his load were somewhat in between. Every time there was a space for the barrow man to go through, the Camry at the back would drive quick and block the passage for the poor guy. This happened about 6 times. The barrow man never uttered a word. I stood there watching as if I knew something was gonna happen.

Apparently this passage blocking had become some sort of sick game to the occupants of the Camry and they seemed to be enjoying it. Until a point where there was a point for the Solara to move and the driver just refused to move. Has he joined in on the game too?

The wheelbarrow pusher had had enough and he just wanted to get to his destination. He started pleading for the for the Solara driver to move in a rather high pitched tone. On hearing the plea of the man, the occupants of the Camry car started laughing. God! I was pissed. I kept on looking at them and shaking my head until they spotted me. I knew If I said something, it would have been futile, I just stretched my right hand towards them and opened my five fingers wide, WAKA SHEGE.

They stopped laughing, fine, but I was still so hurt. Is it because you have a car and you are more privileged than him? Do you know this wheel barrow man works harder than you? But he's not just as lucky as you are. I don't know why these things touch me. Sometimes I just wanna pretend like it doesn't get to me but it does. I wish I could just close my eyes to some things.

Why are people so wicked? Damn!

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  1. You are right my friend. People have lost the love for one another and have become selfish and even inhumane. There is little respect for each other and even less for the elderly and sick. Wicked people think they are untouchable and they do not have the love of God in them. If the man had pulled a gun and shot them, the man would be imprisoned even though technically he had good cause. But the Bible says we are to love our enemies, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use and persecute you. I can imagine how you felt because I would have wanted to say something to them so badly. Holding up your hand was like holding up the hand of righteousness. At that moment Satan lost his power. Keep loving and helping those who are less fortunate than yourself. Thanks for sharing.


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