'Who Are You?' - A Question Nigerians Ask But Don't Really Want Answer To

Hey guys, I need your help in understanding this. I'm serious here.

Friday came. I was home but I didn't wash my clothes because I didn't go out much in the week. I decided to do it the next saturday or whenever the 'Ogbanje' spirit that makes me wanna wash comes. The olodo spirit doesn't come when I need it the most. It was a lazy day, lazy as hell.

I slept mostly until I decided to drag myself out as per 'Agaracha-in-learning' that I is *in Nkechi's voice*. Where else would I go to if not the mall, so, I took my lazy self there. I had to get some toiletries for myself and drinks for the compound occupants.

To be honest, it wasn't that enjoyable as one would expect. I kept looking at things I couldn't afford (Damn you! bloody recession) and the ones I could afford, I didn't like them. The sight of very cute kids was a welcoming one as I love, love kids to pieces. I went to Game, checked out the headphones. That Sony headphone kept calling me, 'Duke, buy me nah' and I replied, 'Get behind me Satan! Who do you want to wreck?'. But that's enough about the mall experience. I ran into a friend and then met with another friend who engaged me a conversation which I enjoyed very much. After much, I had to leave.

It was getting dark and it's pretty difficult to get a bus to where I stay as the night draws nearer. I checked my pocket and decided to hop into a drop. A keke drop, not a taxi drop, I'm not Bill Gate's inlaw (Yet). I bargained with the Keke guy, we agreed and on our way, we went.

Approaching the round about at WAEC bus-stop(A popular bus stop in Enugu metropolis), there was a car in front of the Keke that I was in. We were all going straight until suddenly, the car made a left turn heading towards Toscana hotel. The numskull of a Nigga didn't trafficate, there was no indicator, he didn't even as much use his hands to make a signal. And that's how the keke brushed his Lexus' bumper. In my mind I'm like 'Nsogbu adigo!, Gobe haf start... na here I go sleep today'.

The car owner jumped out and started shouting at the keke guy, bla bla bla bla - fill in the 'bla'. And threatened that he was gonna lock him up. I kept my cool until I heard 'I will lock you up', the remaining nut holding my head together flew away. I got out of the keke and told him 'Oga, you would do no such thing'. 'Your case in court wouldn't hold any water as I am a witness who saw that you didn't trafficate and your indicator didn't indicate that you were veering left!', I fumed. I told him that if he is carrying the keke man, he should carry me too, let's see how capable he is.

Then, he turned to me and shouted this, four times, 'Who are you?', 'Who do you think you are?'. I paused for like two seconds and told him I'm Okafor Chukwuemeka Duke. I reduced the loudness of my voice and asked him with concern 'Who are you too sir?'. He didn't reply, and kept talking OP(Off Point). I jejely entered the keke, and told the keke man to enter and take me to my destination biko. The said man just stood there and was looking at me, I'm sure he kept looking till we rode off.

Well I'm home and I have two questions

1. Is this how motorists oppress Keke drivers and belittle them even when they are OBVIOUSLY wrong? Wait o, so that man could have just locked the poor guy up for nothing?

2. Pls this 'Who are you?' question. Is it not meant to be answered or they ask it to show something?

Ngwanu help me plix cos ayam not understanding.

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