We Give Power To Those Who Hurt Us Or So I Think

One Friday in December 2016, my friend came to my room crying profusely like as if someone from his family died. At first, I was taken aback because he was the least person I expected to see cry. He has the whole macho thing going on for him, he's more built and taller than I am. So, ordinarily I just felt it would be hard for someone like that to shed tears.

So, after I calmed him down, I then asked what made him cry. He told me it was his girlfriend that made him cry. She doesn't care for him, he doesn't think she loves him, he keeps trying to make her happy but it seems everything he does ain't good enough. He was even trying to talk to her and she walk out on him without saying a word even when she saw him cry. He added that he's not sure he could take it anymore. 'Wawu!'

I felt his pain. He is in love. I asked him, "what do you want to do?". 'I no do again', he said. I said nothing, just kept telling him to calm down. Today, not up to 20 minutes ago, I saw him and the girl all loved up and I just shook my head with mixed feelings.

Love, we give power to the people who hurt us, all in the name of love. Why do we have this fear that we are gonna lose them? At the end, we will. But, do we let them take a part of us too while they go? No. A love that makes us lose ourselves negatively in the process is not worth it. You are to lose yourself in order to  grow stronger and not weaker.

Take note.

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