The Struggle To Survive In The World- The Spider And The Ant

Right there, just right there in my room was where it happened. You know, sometimes, I feel my eyes directs me to things to teach me a lesson or two. Sometimes, it's the people I meet or the decisions I make in life.

After destroying a bowl of Eba and vegetable soup yesterday, I lay quietly on my bed. A Facebook friend called me and while I was conversing, I looked up to the ceiling only to see a spider confronting an ant.

The way it seemed was as if the spider was telling the ant, 'today na today, I don catch you, I wee show you pepper'.

I watched this with keen interest and almost forgot I was on a call. The spider immediately spun a web around the ant and started rolling it in some sort of rhythmic way. The ant just resorted to it's fate, no signs of struggle at all. It gave up, just like that. I didn't venture to save the ant as I saw it as a natural order of things.

After the call, I started questioning the second voice in my head - mind you, I have up to 20 different voices in my head. I'm wired that way. I quizzed and quizzed. 'Why did the ant not struggle to break free?' 'why did it just give up?' 'Doesn't it wanna survive?' why?


Take a deeper look at that scenario. It seems very much like life itself. It is a constant struggle. Life is the spider and we are the ant. It continuously spins its web around and within us, but we always struggle to break free. To come out victorious. To achieve a breakthrough.

If you don't put in your struggle, life would spin it's hard web around you, cover you whole, eat you up and you would perish eventually like the ant that never struggled. People who struggle to survive life wake up every morning and grow stronger. People who don't, oh well, get eaten up.

Life's hard. Everyone one knows that. As hard or complicated as it may be, we still have the strength to overcome it only if we struggle. Just struggle with it no matter what it takes! It would spin it's web on and around you to inhibit you, my dear, struggle! Survive!! Just survive.

You are actually the key to your own survival, don't give up that easy. You weren't born to be a weakling. You are a conqueror, conquer life. Show it that its webs are nothing, you will defeat every thing it throws. So, this week, and henceforth, do something for me.


Have a productive week guys. I love y'all plenty.

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