Rant: The Petition Against Big Brother Nigeria - Much Ado About Big Brother Nigeria

I've always said this and I would keep on ringing it out - Most Nigerians are stupid. Very stupid and unconstructive sense-wise. What's with the petition against BBN? Is this the first Big Brother? It won't even be the last.  Oya, go beat them.

Trust me, I for one, I don't like the show, I feel it is purposeless. That being said, it is my opinion and my opinion alone. Which means I'd rather watch something else than watch BBN. People watching it, well done to them. Whatever makes their Egusi soup sweet.

I see some simpletons petitioning for the show to be stopped for one reason or the other and I say this to them, "Ori yin ti daru!".

How does it concern you that people watch the show? If you don't like it, change to some other channel. Unsubscribe from the cable network or better still, take a gun, pull the trigger and blast your Television set to pieces.

We always have the strength to exhibit our self-righteousness on irrelevant things but when it comes to the relevant ones, we become mortuary silent. Dang! What's wrong with these people?

Can't you simply steer clear? You don't want it on your TV screen. We hear you. Must you enforce it on others? There are people who heavily enjoy the BBN show and would do anything to watch it. Just like a man that marries a wife, everyone would come and judge and say they don't like the wife and they want him not to marry her. Is it your wife?!

The other day, someone told me to shave my beards and I was wondering if we shared the beards together or there was some sort of symbiosis between our chins.

There are some things that are simply not our business like programmes people watch in the confines of their own homes!

Uche face your work! *Drops mic*

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