The Concept Of Fulfillment - The Driver, The Twins And Me

I was coming back home yesterday after a quite stressful day of little jobs I did. I took the bus and every Enugu resident knows how these buses could be very annoying but my goal was to get home, collapse on my beloved bed and black-out. Then, think about what to eat thereafter.

The bus driver had a this distinctive character. He was a naturally stern person and boy! He looked quite scary. He would bark at passengers who were really slow in getting in or getting out. He was just a no nonsense person. I liked it. It meant I would get to my destination on time.

As we drove close to FGC primary school, yes, that back gate close to monarch, he kept looking out like he was expecting something. There and then, two kids, a boy and a girl, obviously the same age but the girl was slightly taller screamed aloud with their little voices 'Papa Ejima!!!'.

The bus came to a halt, and they both rush in. The bus driver kept looking at them and beamed with smiles. 'Shey it's not this same driver that was barking at that woman just now now?!!', I wondered. The kids got in quietly and the boy lapped the girl. The driver kept looking backwards at intervals to make sure they are fine and comfortable. Every time he did that, you could see some sort of pride in his eyes.

He started asking them questions like 'How was school?', 'Hope you didn't fight?', 'Do you have assignments?' and so on. He asked in Igbo language. The kids kept responding and I realised he is their father. Hence, the 'Papa Ejima' name as the children were twin.

I kept thinking to myself, look at the bus driver, he doesn't have the world, hell he doesn't have the latest car or a mansion but he still picks his kids from school and I'm pretty sure he takes them to school in the mornings. He is sensitive about them, keeps to time, keeps tabs on them and cares about them. Living his life as simple as he could and finds happiness in his kids and his family.

I learnt a lesson yesterday. You really don't need to be rich, have fleet of cars, mansions and whatnot to be happy and fulfilled in life. The little things of life could make you fulfilled. But if those other things bring you fulfillment, fine. Find fulfillment in immaterial things.

Life's as simple and easy as you make it folks.

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