New Year Resolution - Happy New Year 2017

Dear 2017,

I don't usually resolve anything in the year until I assess the year for some days, and, thereafter make decisions I wanna. The previous year was somewhat horrible for me but I am grateful for the things I accomplished. At least, I acquired a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. That should count for something.

New year came with a blast, like literally with a blast. I was awoken from my rather cold slumber by a firework sound that shook the burglary proofing at my window.

It was three huge bangs, gboom! gboom!! gboom!!!. And in my mind I'm like, 'osetigo?'

The day was rather bland and while everyone was basking in it's euphoria, I was busy downtrodden by emotional bouts of slight depression. I missed myself, I missed my family, I missed Clement, I missed my innocence, I missed and missed. I quietly lay down and drifted into a long boring sleep and came to no resolve.

By the second day of the year, I woke up and even though I was better mentally and psychologically, I wasn't, physically. I couldn't stand up from my bed. In my mind, I'm like, 'my village people don come oo'. But I wish that were the case, I would have offered them drinks and appeased the gods maybe. But no, I had this excruciating pain at my lower back that strictly inhibited me from getting up. I was in bed, looking at my medication bag where my analgesics were but I couldn't get up to get them. I eventually got up... I came to no resolve.....

On the third day, I had to do my laundry at the stream behind my house. After that, I took a long walk in forest behind my house. I found a place to sit among the rocks in the stream where the monkeys were stealing glances at me like I was the new kid on the block, well I was. I sat for almost two hours with no digital interference. Just me, almost naked with nature and searching deep within myself. I had come to my resolve..

1. I am not getting any younger, so i need to check my health and things I eat. So, no more sugary and highly processed foods.

2. I'm gonna love ME more. If anything doesn't work for me, that's the door.

3. Start writing on my blog again. It's been over a year I wrote on it.

4. Start implementing the plans I made for my life in my life trajectory.

5. Move on from Clement's death. I haven't gotten over it since 2014 it happened and it's unhealthy.

6. Start writing a novel I had the inspiration to write but was a chicken to write it because of it's very controversial nature.

7. Live more for myself.

8. If love comes fine, if it doesn't, fine!

9. Go out more often and visit places I have never been.

10. Wait for Game of Thrones like a good boy lol..

So, 2017, let's rumble! and Valar Morghulis!

What is your resolve for the year?

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