Letter To My Unborn Daughter, Akwaeke.

Dearest Akwaeke,

I'm writing this with hopes that you could come across it someday because the internet doesn't forget. In this digital world that you are born into, every thing bounces from server to server and leaves a digital imprint. It is always stored. There was a great rapper called 2Pac, sometimes we don't know if he is really dead or not. He did a song, basically a lyrical letter to his unborn child. Oh well, I'm writing mine.

I wanted to have you in the year 2014 but your grandmother, well, you know how she is. We don't need to explain it. I resorted to having hopes that someday I would have you and it would be the best day of my life. Well, I don't know your Mum yet but I'm sure she would be the most beautiful and intelligent woman I would ever set my eyes on. But this letter really is not about her, it about you, my baby

Akwaeke, you are the most beautiful thing that would ever happen to me. My jewel, my precious one, Ada nnaya, Ugo nnaya, uto na uso nnaya. Oyo'm, I would never let anyone hurt you. Yes, the world is full of evil, truth be told, I can't shield you from all that but I would give every blood that runs through my veins to shield you from it. In this world, I would die one day, and you will too but before we do, sweetheart, we would go through it with love and courage. Don't let anyone make you feel less than you are for you are an Empress. A strong woman with a total embodiment of beauty, wit, kindness, intellect and grace. You would command respect. You would turn necks when you get into a building. You would achieve greatness.

I know this world would want to make you think that it's a man's world but really it isn't. It's everybody's world. I want you to see the world with your own eyes not anyone else, not mine, not your mum's and not even that of your brothers. Have a drive unto what you want to achieve and I'm sure you are going to get it. Even if you fail, pick yourself up baby, we are here to support you all the way. It all can't be rosy every time. Some you would win and some you would lose honey. But most importantly, learn from those mistakes. You can be whoever you want, a doctor, an Engineer, a journalist, a dancer, whatever your heart is set on. Whoever and whatever you be, be the best there is. I have a strong feeling you would be a very spontaneous person like me. You would wanna travel the world, meet new people and explore new horizons. If it makes you a better person, go for it! And I would be there every step of the way.

You will fall in love. I have no problem with whoever you fall in love with, male or female. Don't be sneaky about it though, you could always come to big Duke to talk whenever you wanna. You will have heartbreaks and just know I would always be there to talk to and wipe your tears. I would love to braid your hair and tell you stories of my youth. I could give you tricks if you want and at some point would love to be your best friend. There are people who would wanna make you feel lesser than you are but you are your father's daughter, You would hold your head up high and daze them with your candour. Your kindness would marvel me. Your intelligence would take me aback.

I didn't have so much opportunities in life or maybe I will, much later but I would make sure you lack nothing. You don't know how much you mean to me Omalicha, you mean the world and beyond. I love you so much and I hope you see this someday. I wish you well in every thing you do. You are cherished.

Your father,

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