How My School Mother Got Rewarded

Secondary school was a phase in my life that shaped me to an extent. The school itself and whatever they represented was all balderdash to me. I never liked school, I don't think I ever will. I have a certain 'problem' of challenging authority. Got me into trouble then, still gets me into trouble now.

The evolution I went through in secondary school was basically human influenced. The students around me, the friends I made, my hostel mates and my school mum. I hated the house masters then, I still do. Maybe someday, I'd get to run over one with my car, just kidding. Haha.

My school mum wasn't a student like most people had. She wasn't also my guardian like most people had too. I had a guardian who was totally non-challant about me and I didn't give two flying aeroplanes about her. Apparently, my parents had chosen since they knew her so well. We just didn't connect. She was nice, as much as she could be but that was it.

Now back to my school mum. She was a teacher back then, the H.O.D of the chemistry department and a co-housemistress of the girl's hostel. I was a stubborn, playful student. Sometimes I played truancy and never gave a hoot about it. All these I did being that I was just being a kid yeah? I was one of those students that were tagged 'bad influence'. Not because I was bad really but I would always challenge authority and get punished at the end.

This was enough to make every single teacher hate me but this lady just picked an interest in me and just like that started shaping me like as if I was her biological son. Sometimes she would come to my class, check if I was there. If I wasn't, she would tell some boys to look for me and bring me to her office. These boys would go on the ultimate search of their lives to find me. Sometimes they would find me and sometimes they wouldn't. But anytime they did find me, I'm being bundled to her office, the chemistry laboratory then. I would kneel down and raise my hands up until her motherly heart would tell me to stand up and she would ask if I have eaten. Whether my answer was yes or no, she would still give me food.

She would always drag me to evening mass at St. Peters then and give me dinner thereafter. She never really had her own biological child as it was difficult for her to conceive. I'm sure it must have been very hurtful for her. Regardless of this, she kept helping other kids, myself included.

I remember one time I was ill and she had to come to the boys hostel to take me to her home so that I would receive treatment. For these acts, it made me fall in love with her and chemistry the more. Little wonder why I aced Chemistry in both WAEC and JAMB exams. She was my mum away from home. No, she was just my mum. No two ways about it.

It's close to ten years that I left secondary school and I have not seen her ever since then as I am mainly based in the eastern part of Nigeria for now. I always yearn to see her but I seem to successfully fail in executing it, time and again. Sometimes, I feel it's not yet time to see her. I want to see her when I have 'made it' and shower her with my gratitude with full dosage.

And then................

Sometime last week, I got the best news ever. My school mum had put to bed a set of twins. I was elated! I kept on smiling. At that point, if you had asked me for anything, I'm pretty sure I would have done it without blinking. I've known her for over thirteen years and the difficulty she had to conceive and now I hear she had given birth? to twins? Gosh!!! It was like a bank alert coming into my phone's sms inbox. Gbagam!

I resorted that I was going to visit her but I didn't get to it anymore. Another successful failure at execution. I have honestly been busy. But, I will visit, when the time is right. I hope I am not too late then.

Things like this always makes me think. Life is not rosy. It has never been. That it is like this today doesn't mean it would be the same way tomorrow. You have to be patient, headstrong and persevere in some predicaments. The universe always has a way of paying you back whether good or bad. Women looking for children could always tap into my school mother's testimony as a point of contact in their positive declarations and prayers to whatever god they serve.

This post is not for me but for her and her babies. Please if you have any positive words or prayers to declare unto her life and the life of her children, I kindly implore you to do so and that favour would be repaid unto you some day as it was repaid unto her. May her children be kept for her and bring her joy and happiness. And may she have no regrets ever having them as they have put a crown on her head. May she bask in the joys of motherhood and reap the fruits of her labour.

Good morning and I am still excited! Yay!

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