Africa - Are We Cursed As A Continent And As A People?

If it's not insurgency today, it's xenophobic attacks tomorrow. The day after tomorrow it's famine and rotten economies. And we often wonder why? Nearly all African countries have leaders but really have no leaders. These so-called tyrants get into power through means portrayed to be 'democratic' but underneath, it isn't. They get on the 'throne' and can not walk the talk.

One often wonders if their thinking faculties operates at optimum levels. Let's say it's not operating at optimum level, can you operate at a level above 'dunce-level'? Nearly all African countries are headed by Great-grandfathers but we all allow these men with erectile dysfunction lead our respective countries into dysfunction like their manhoods. We have the African Union(AU) but I honestly haven't seen it's relevance till date.Know this now - They don't give a hoot about you all, even me writing this.

For how long do we keep heaping colossal blames on our colonial masters? They have done the damage(s), fine, do we still need to dwell in them too? We have excellent mineral resources scattered all around Africa but greed would never make us put them to good use. We still blame the western world when we are/were the ones still opening our shores to them to come in and devour?

The greed of a few people, or maybe much more. We are a people full of greed. We could shoot our brothers and sisters just to get more. Continue.

Tapiwa Gomo said, "we are easily conned by the lure of cheap money to shoot one of our own, destroy that which we have built and unnecessarily create hate among ourselves in pursuance of interests that have nothing to do with our continent is yet again not a curse." And I hear people talking about love. Hear it now - there's no love, just interests. That 'One-Love' term is just passed around like a the football on the field but hasn't been able score a goal. It's actions and implementations are little or just totally non-existent.

Some say we being inflicted by the Curse of Ham. I laugh. If we are to go by studies, Africa ranks amongst the highest praying continents in the world. Why haven't we prayed out the curse? These studies also show that the higher the religiosity of a country, the higher the poverty level. When would we learn to separate religion from matters of state? Even if we separated it, the greed of the average African would not permit progress. That African myopia? Hell no.

Sometimes I wonder if it is the continent that is cursed or her people i.e Negroids.

One could argue on and on about the countless, never-ending faults and woes befalling our continent. A lot has been done and we still remain the same. Stagnant.No. ...Backwards. One question still remains and it ever burns in my heart.


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