A Man Or Woman That Wants To Cheat On You Would Still Do So

My dear sisters in the Lord. Hallelujah sombori!

Lemme tell you the plain truth. If you like cook heaven, hell and purgatory for your man. Cook 10-course meals, squeeze ajino moto inside stew, learn all the techniques of cooking from all the hemispheres of the world.



If you like, In bed, give him missionary style, bulletproof style, doggy doggy style, aki and pawpaw style, snake in monkey shadow or crouching tiger hidden dragon style.

A man that WANTS to CHEAT on you, will still CHEAT on you. It's not by what you give or what you do. It's about being with a man who is loyal. #Shikena #EnoughSaid


My dear brothers in the Lord!!. Hallelujah oooo...

Get in here!!!

You see, these girls, if you like, carry dem on  your head like Wyclef.

If you like spend heaven and hell, north and south, boko haram and niger delta avengers on her. Take her on trips all over the world. Give her the best treatment a queen deserves.


Buy her shwarma, take her on shopping sprees, spend money on her siblings and friends and be as loyal as hell as you can to her.


Use your 'dongblonshin' to ************* and give her all the styles that will pleasure.

If she WANTS to CHEAT on you. My brother, she will! Even with an Okadaman. What's my concern? She would have a substitute for you just in case you fuck-up, and starts giving silly excuses on how 'guys can't be trusted' but who is really the two-timer?

It's not about buying the world for her. It's about her sticking to you and you alone.

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